Tim Skinner has been a business owner in Downtown Lafayette for almost 30 years.

While he has made an investment in the area, Skinner said he is thrilled to see other taking a vested interest as well.

“This is the first big project that we see coming that will enhance east of Main,” Skinner said. “When the streets are improved and sidewalks are improved, the more accessible they are it’ll encourage people to invest money in new properties and renovating older properties. ”

This will make the area more inviting and safer for those who want to venture downtown.

“It’s going to improve lighting, anywhere from trip hazards to impressions that it’s a safer place to walk,” Skinner said. “This is one of the main areas for downtown and we’ll finally have the sidewalks to improve it.”

Anita Begnaud, CEO of Downtown Development Authority, has worked on this project since 2012. She said, while they are well on their way to making this dream a reality, there are still many moving parts.

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