Downtown Parc Rental Fees and Deposits

Downtown Lafayette’s Parcs are the center for activity in the district.

Payment of fees and deposits are due, in full, at the time of lease execution.

  • Key and Damage Deposits are refundable following post-event inspection of the parc.
  • Should there be any damage to the leased parc/premises, the cost for the repair is deducted from Lessee’s Damage Deposit. If the key is lost or damaged, the key deposit is not returned.

Rental Fee

(per day)

Cleaning Fee

(per day)

Total Fees

Key Deposit

(per event)

Damage Deposit

(per event)

Parc International $300 $350 $650 $200 $500
Parc Sans Souci $200 $225 $425 $200 $500
Parc Putnam $100 $225 $325 None $500
Parc De Lafayette $75 $100 $175 $200 $500

Extra days for set up/tear down: $25/day

After 5 days: $50/day

On-site Cooking Damage Deposit: $1,000

Damage Deposit for Cookoffs: $2,500

The Lessee may incur additional fees, depending on the type and nature of the performance/event. These fees may include but are not limited to payments for the services of the Police and Fire Department, noise permit, alcohol permits, road closures and the like. The total cost to the Lessee will vary depending on the type of services and/or permits required, and the duration and timing of the event.

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