DTA! Shop Sessions: Kelli Jones & Joel Savoy at SOLA Violins (Ep. 5)

Aug 13, 2018 | Videos

Episode 5 of DTA! Shop Sessions features Kelli Jones and Joel Savoy playing dual fiddles in Downtown Lafayette’s SOLA Violins. Stringed instruments surround the musicians and dominate the sound in this set of traditional Cajun songs by two talented musicians.

The DTA! Shop Sessions are a 6-part series recorded in 2018 to showcase the sonic talents of Acadiana musicians in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. DTA! Shop Sessions was produced by Magic Bus for Downtown Lafayette Unlimited, through a partnership with Lafayette Travel.

A Magic Bus production – www.magicbus.tv
Directed by Jon-David Mahoney
Produced by Sean Bruce
Audio recording by Chris Munson

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