Join Marley’s Sports Bar for their next Murder Mystery Dinner! For $25, you get dinner and entrance into this fun filled game of mystery and murder!! Dressing the part isn’t required but makes things more fun!!

This is a game format, so everyone is involved in solving the mystery! Would you like to play a role? If you choose to do this, we will email you a character description and then the night of the event, you will be given an envelope with all your instructions. Inside there will be lies, rumors and innuendos about other characters that you will have to share throughout the night plus some secrets you are trying to hide!

Email or text/call if interested in a role or if you have any questions:

Rob Hagen

[email protected]


Registration starts at 6 and we will kick off the game around 7.



Irish Flag Spinach Salad


Guinness stew and smashed potatoes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Jamison Bread Pudding

Here’s the back story to the mystery:

In the heart of Dublin, Paddy O’Brian’s Pub hosted the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The pub’s regulars arrived to enjoy fun Irish games, food, and music! The party kicked off with yummy appetizers while the guests mingled about and caught up on the latest gossip. It soon became apparent some of the guests were hiding things, and others didn’t get along for an assortment of reasons, but the hosts shifted the party back on the rails with hilarious party games. An amazing dinner was served, and soon after, the party goers were shocked when a dead body was discovered!

The guests rallied together to figure out whodunit before the murderer had a chance to escape! Ciara Walsh called in a favor from a forensic specialist at the Dublin Metropolitan Police Department who assisted the group with a latent fingerprint analysis report – which helped the amateur investigators finalize their best guesses of whodunit. After the rookie sleuths took turns accusing who they believed the murderer was, the murderer shocked everyone in the room when they confessed! After an exciting escape attempt, the guests engaged in another fun party game to top off the night. Overall it was the most exhilarating St. Patrick’s Day celebration Paddy O’Brian’s Pub has ever hosted!

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